Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blog post #6 ~ Vocab

There are some words that I didn't know what they meant in the book that I am reading. The book is called "How I Live Now" by Meg Rosoff.

1. Word: Democracy -----> Page #42

         Definition: A system of government that has eligible members of the state that are elected.

2.  Word: Prime Minister -----> Page #43

     Definition: The head of an elected government.

3. Word: Miraculously -----> Page #30

     Definition: Something that is like a Miricale.

4. Word: Gravitated -----> Page #31

    Definition:Move Toward or be attracted to a place, person, or thing.

5. Word:Sputter  -----> Page #58

    Definition:Make a series of soft explosive sounds, typically when being heated or as a symptom of a fault.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Blog Post #5 ~ Illustration #1


This is the picture that came into my mind when Susie was explaining what happened when she died. It shows Mr.Harvey's underground place where he has creepy dolls, lit candles, and where he killed/ raped Susie.

Blog post #4

     Susie Salmon explained, "And as Flora twirled, other girls and women came through the field in all directions. Our heartache poured into one another like water from cup to cup. Each time I told my story, I lost a bit, the smallest drop of pain. It was the day I knew I wanted to tell the story of my family. Because horror on Earth is real and it is everyday. It is like a flower or like a sun; it cannot be contained."this was found on page 186. I chose this paragraph because it was so interesting how I
much pain she was in. She was finally free in a way for once. Free from Earth, from her family, from Mr.Harvey, and from all her
troubles. I think she felt like she could relate to someone and that she wasn't alone, since all those other people were murdered/raped by Mr.Harvey.

Blog post #3

There are many questions that got into my mind while reading this book.
1. Is Susie ever going back to Earth, like come back to life?
2. Is detective Len ever going to find evidence that points to George Harvey being the killer?
3. Is jack ( Susie's dad) ever going to find George's secret underground hide out where he killed Susie?
4. Is Abigail( Susie's mom)  in love with Len since she kissed him?
5. Is Abigail going to leave Jack and go with Len instead?

Blog post #2

   The title of my book is, "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. The main character is Susie Salmon and how she got murdered and her entering heaven. In chapter 1, it describes how Mr.Harvey killed Suzie. In this chapter it also introduced new characters like her family, neighbors and teachers. Suzie was murdered on December 6, 1973 when she was only 14. The worst part of it is that he raped her and then killed her. One of the neighbors dogs found Susie's elbow in the corn field where Mr.Harvey threw her body parts. After the dog found her elbow, he made sure to destroy all the evidence, that means closing off that little bunker for good.
     In chapter 2 so far, it describes how it's like in heaven. I think she would describe it as empty with nothing to do, just loneliness. In this chapter it introduces Holly and Franny, who help her out in,
heaven, like they are her guides to heaven. I feel really bad for Susie because she really misses her
family but can never be with them until they die. So far I'm thinking the main idea of the story is to know who to trust because if she didn't trust Mr.Harvey, she wouldn't have died.

Blog post #1

  The book I'm reading is called, "The Lovely Bones" By Alice Sebold. So far in the book I know that the main character is Suzie Salmon.She was the oldest child in her family. She was only 14 when she was murdered on December 6, 1973. She was a white teenager with mousy brown hair.She had a 13 year old  sister named Lindsey, and a 4 year old brother named Buckley.
     Her murderer was Mr.Harvey, which was one of her neighbors. Mr.Harvey was a very old man and when Suzie went in his secret place, she thought he was just a character. Mr.Harvey lead her into his secret place underground and showed her his cool things that he had there. Before she died, he raped her and killed her with a knife. All she could say repeatedly was "don't" and "please" over and over again.